Day Care Center people Ghetto 2  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Homeless man & passing pedestrians  Madison WI.jpg
Arrested and handcuffed  Ghetto  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Black man amputee House of Sacrifice Church 2  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Black man in doorway Coke Factory  Milwaukee.jpg
Close discussion on State Street  Madison WI.jpg
Black woman professional on cell phone  Madison WI.jpg
Homeless cigarette hand 2  Madison WI.jpg
Homeless Jason at Museum on State St  Madison WI.jpg
Eugene homeless holds cans bag  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Homeless Daryl & Homeless Mark smoking  Madison WI.jpg
Homeless Kurt Lee Austin & peace buttons  Madison WI.jpg
Homeless Mr Moore  arranges belongings & dude  Madison WI.jpg
Coke Factory Marylee & Big Ears 2 Mural 2  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Hairbrushing on Capital Square  Madison WI.jpg
Christians sing on the Library Mall  Madison WI.jpg
Homeless Theresa on 27th & 94  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Gang members on 12th St & National  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Homeless guy sleeps on public bench & bearded man  Madison WI.jpg
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