1930s kitchen shows farm scene  Fort Atkinson WI.jpg
Abortion sign The Choice That Kills  South Dakota.jpg
Doll on log and old house  Gotham Wisconsin.jpg
Farm family in silhouette in barn  Edgarton WI.jpg
Country church pews & parishioner leaning 2  Oregon WI.jpg
Blake Excavating and cow graphic  Waukon Iowa.jpg
1980s car & dead barn Tomatoes sign  Marathon WI.jpg
Dying oak & dying house Man in window  Dalton WI.jpg
Caboose interior- North Freedom- Wisconsin.jpg
Barber shop and customer  Sauk City Wisconsin.jpg
Bel Court motel room 4 & Mercedes  Battle Mountain NV.jpg
Bald man in picture window  Princeton Wisconsin.jpg
Farmer in pickup truck  Woodsfield Ohio.jpg
Funeral and pay phone  Belmont Wisconsin.jpg
Grain elevator office sign 3  Marshall WI.jpg
Jesus blesses and Santa  Freeport Illinois.jpg
Campfire coffee pot shadow over planter paintings 2  Columbus WI.jpg
Family supper & framed art  Madison WI.jpg
Fedora hat in dresser mirror  Madison WI.jpg
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