Homeless William Police cruiser & skull tatoo  Madison WI.jpg
Jake Livermore homeless off freeway  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Greg Atwater homeless in front of Rooms For Rent National Ave  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Beverly in the hood Building House Peaks gone to seed 27th St 2  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Homeless Susan & her belongings  Madison WI.jpg
Ham House dying & Homeless Bobby Ghetto  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Homeless Michael singing to himself & sleeping man  Madison WI.jpg
Kevin X Nation of Islam by wall mural on North Ave  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Love scrawled on wall & crossdresser  Madison WI.jpg
Homeless Maverick & his belongings  Madison WI.jpg
Street people at rest along State Street  Madison WI.jpg
The N word in newspaper box 2  Madison WI.jpg
Money sign in apt bldg & old Latin man  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Pink mannequin and smoker at store window  Decorah Iowa.jpg
Rooming house on North Ave & girl passing  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Homeless Chili Burton & Stray Dogs sign 2  Madison WI.jpg
Street women  downtown Los Angeles.jpg
Pay phones and street person  downtown Los Angeles.jpg
Marylee off brick wall mural & Asian man Latin Quarter  Milwaukee WI.jpg
Pedestrians in reflection on State Street  Madison WI.jpg
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