Amish buggy & woman on back road in rain  Dalton WI.jpg
Young church woman & Christian icons  Old World  WI.jpg
Country school teacher in profile 2  Old World WI.jpg
Pioneer wife sits before kitchen table  Old World WI.jpg
Norweigan farmer R. Schwartz shadow profile  Old World WI.jpg
Carpenter gazes at church from his shop  Old World 2.jpg
Confederate soldier sits by fire BW  Sauk City WI.jpg
German farm wife profile portrait  Old World 2.jpg
Amish children at water pump and school  Brodhead Wisconsin.jpg
Amish girls hanging laundry 2  Orfordville WI.jpg
Confederate soldiers between tents Antique  Sauk City WI.jpg
Amish strolling on Barry Road BW  Dalton WI.jpg
Doris speaks in church  Old World WI.jpg
Farm wife sewing in her farmhouse 2  Old World WI.jpg
Garden tool room & farm wife in Sanford House  Old World.jpg
1CONTRAST German farm woman stands at door entry  Old World 5.jpg
Norwegian farm wife holds eyeglasse  Old World WI.jpg
German wife in oven room doorway  Old World WI.jpg
Laundress next to curtains  Old World WI.jpg
1890s farmhouse Woman in mirror  Stonefield Village WI.jpg
Pioneer farmer Mike 5 Old World.jpg
Finland Pioneer woman in dresser mirror 2A  Old World.jpg
Pioneer farm wife Ellen at food prep table  Old World.jpg
Farm wives at kitchen door 2  Old World.jpg
Welder at work 2  Old World WI.jpg
Amish woman and 3 kids BW  Kolona IA.jpg
Schottler farmhouse cross & nightshirts  Old World WI.jpg
Old farmhouse bedroom  Old World WI.jpg
Old cups Old photographs  Cedarburg WI.jpg
Farmers Wife in drawer  Oconomowoc WI.jpg
Coat and umbrella Pinup reflections  Sauk City Wi.jpg
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