Tom Jenz Credits


Sanford House stove & teapot Light triangle  Old World WI.jpg

His book, Forgotten America, Images & Thoughts by Tom Jenz

Minneapolis Institute of the Arts (group showing)

Works on Paper, San Francisco

Fine Arts Prints, Los Angeles, New York

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

ArtMeMe, Hoboken, New Jersey

Woodwalk Gallery, Door County, WI

Suzanne Kohn Gallery, Minneapolis

Justified Art, Madison WI

Trowbridge Gallery, Ojai, California

Los Angeles Times Magazine

The Atlantic Monthly

DoubleTake Magazine

American Photography, featured artist 

Star and Tribune Sunday Magazine, Minneapolis

St Paul Pioneer Press, St Paul, Minnesota

Santa Barbara Independent

City Pages, Minneapolis

Photo Midwest

Minnesota Public Television 

The Isthmus

Capture Wisconsin

Hallmark Cards

Sunrise Greeting Cards

Blue Highway Greeting Cards series, photos by Tom Jenz 

Getty Images, Seattle